Who Is The Masked Singer: Newest Television Craze

A new television program has taken the United States by storm. It’s the show, Masked Singer. It’s an international singing show franchise that originated from South Korea – they called it King of Mask Singer over there. Currently, Fox has gotten the franchise and is preparing to air its fourth season in the fall. And this show left many Americans wondering every week with this question: who is the masked singer?

I’m sure you’re here to know what the buzz is all about, and I’m here to give you an idea what it is.

How Does This Game Works?

The game is simple. If you haven’t seen this show before, this is how it goes. There will be multiple celebrity singers donning animal-inspired head-to-toe costumes. Sometimes, a random non-singer celebrity is added to the mix of contestants. Some of those were Tony Hawk, Sarah Palin, and Terry Bradshaw.

What they do is to perform for a live audience, then the audience will vote according to their favorite contestants’ overall performance. What makes it unique and fun is that everyone is on the same page as to the anonymity of the competitors.

The celebrity with the lowest vote gets unmasked, and he or she will be out of the game. In other countries, viewers can cast their votes since their versions are broadcasted live. However, in the US, only the studio audience can vote because it’s pre-recorded.

The winner and the runner up contestant will remain and unveiled during the last episode, and one gets cast out.

Fun Factor

The Masked Singer is a new and exciting show, but you’ve got to see it for yourself. It puts blind auditions in singing competition shows to shame.  Why? All the contestants are indeed celebrities, but because their faces and bodies are hidden, the show truly takes away any superficial judgment or biases to the celebrity that the audience is a fan of.

I’m not really sure if the costume they wear affects the voters’ decisions, though. Some of them are ingenious, and some of them are a bit of nightmare fuel. Nonetheless, the designers must be having a field day on this show. As I said, some of the costumes are terrifying, but everything else is excellently made.

About the identities of the artists, the show doesn’t leave you completely blind. As it progresses, the hosts will tease some information about the singers you’re rooting for. It captures your intrigue, and it makes the big reveal every episode more surprising.

Animal Costume
Their Costumes Are Basically Creepy/Cute As This

Also, there will be clips of the singers on a costume that will tell you stories about themselves. Of course, their speaking voice is distorted to prevent people from recognizing who they are, quickly. But if you listen to a lot of music in general, you’ll effortlessly identify some singers. This is especially true if the singer behind the costume is a legend like Chaka Khan, Patti Labelle, and Gladys Knight. They have, after all, unique voices you can spot or identify a mile away.

This makes the inclusion of random non-singer so great. These non-singers can easily throw a wrench on your guesses, Why so? Is it that the non-singers sometimes sing better than the celebrity singers? Apparently so. It’s also a major plus that it’s a family-friendly show. Kids love the fact that there are singing and dancing animal mascots on stage. Adults love to guess and talk about the singers themselves, while teens appreciate that most of the songs being sung are relatable and in the pop music genre.

The lineup of the personalities who host and comment on the show is simply superb. You got Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, and Nick Cannon. They are diverse, and they do exude a much lighter and heartier aura, unlike most hosts from reality and singing contest shows.

Previous Winners

With the recent season three wrapped up, the show officially has three winners:

  • Season 1: T-Pain (Rapper)
  • Season 2: Wayne Brady (Actor Comedian)
  • Season 3: Kandi Burruss (TV Personality and Singer)

The results of the show are kind of a guilty pleasure for us who love to sing. Why? Because it can make us feel empowered. Empowered by the fact that celebrity singers can be outdone by non-singers. They become ordinary and put in their place by individuals who don’t sing by profession. Can you imagine Chaka Khan being voted out first before Tony Hawk? This tells me that with proper motivation, discipline along with a break, anyone can have a crack at the limelight, at least vocally.

Besides that, you’ll realize that it’s not all about having a great voice or receiving God-given talents. I’m sure that those people in the top three or four made it out there because they had fun and love what they do, singing their hearts out.

This show values the opinion of the audience more than the judges. However, there are still some doubts as to whether the show is scripted or not. After all, everything happens inside the studio. Hopefully, once the pandemic is over, they can convert the show into a live event that allows television viewers to have a say on the voting process.

Studio Audience
Well, This Is An American Show–You Can’t Really Tell If The Audience Is Actually Voting Or It’s All Scripted

The Fourth Season

It’s no surprise that the show will get its next season. The Masked Singer is the highest-rated television show for adults for more than a year now. Spinoffs have been produced, namely The Masked Dancer. And the celebrities who were involved in past episodes get to tour.

However, despite being backed with substantial viewership, television show critics are giving it bad reviews. In Rotten Tomatoes, it only has a score of 52. In Metacritic, an aggregate review site, the show only averaged a 36 out of 100. Most reviewers consider the show bland and boring.

While there is still no date for the next episode, we can expect it to air around September. I’d definitely check it out. I might create a post and try to guess the identities of the new contestants. The keyword there is “try,” but we will see.

Anyway, now you know what the Mask Singer is. I hope I was able to illustrate it fully for you, and you have now a new television show to catch up to.

Live Show
Whether The Process Is Real Or Not, It’s Still Entertainment At The End Of The Day


By the way, I’m trying to start a newsletter/eMagazine of some sort. Because of that, you can expect that I’ll be posting trending topics just like this, that you may appreciate and confidently bring in motivation and inspiration to your singing. I’d like to know your thoughts or insights about this show. If you find it interesting, we can talk more about it and please, share and leave a comment down below.

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