Top Five Karaoke Apps Free and Paid Review

Singing is fun. It can reduce your stress, let you forget your problems, and rejuvenate your soul. However, just singing alone without any background music can be lonely and lacking, especially if you came back from work tired. You would wish that you had the karaoke machine you saw somewhere. And even if you’re rearing to get one now, you’re out of luck since you can’t fit it in your current budget. Thankfully, you can just subscribe to or download one of these top five karaoke apps free and paid.


More than 36,000 karaoke songs around the world are accessible to you in a few flicks of your finger. KaraFun is one of the best karaoke applications out there, and you can start belting out anytime, anywhere.

You don’t need to set up your entertainment system, you can just open the app, choose the song you like to sing and have fun while your back’s flat on your bed. Singing solo with this app can definitely make you manage and control your stage fright!

Aside from letting you have fun in the laziest way possible, you can also use this application to keep your parties lively and noisily fun! You can connect it to a Smart TV or your computer to allow your guests, including you, to sing your hearts out.

You can also download its PC and MAC version. It has a free version that allows you to use the app’s most essential features. If you want to have great fun with KaraFun, an option to subscribe is there to use its advanced features. You can get it here: KaraFun.


This program is for Windows PCs and Macs. KantoKaraoke is an all in one karaoke player, recorder, and converter app. It’s convenient and easy to use. If having fun while practicing is your thing, then this program is for you. Test it out and see if you have the qualities of a good singing voice!

Thankfully, it has a free version you can take advantage of first. It will have a few limitations like 1-minute recordings and a restriction that you can’t use any records you created with it and the app itself for commercial use. You can remove most of the limitations with a one time fee of $45, and you can unlock all its features with a pro license, which has a one-time cost of $69.95.

Click this link to visit it’s site.

Kanto Karaoke

KaraokeWare’s Karaoke Media Player (KMP)

If you just want to turn your computer to a karaoke machine, then KaraokeWare’s Karaoke Media Player is the piece of software you need. You can sing directly on your computer and use the old Karaoke CDs or DVDs you have lying about your house. You can even use it as a training tool if you’re taking advantage of MasterClass.

It has a free trial version, which you can use if you’d like this program or not. To take out the limitations of the trial version, you can buy the program for only $39.95. KaraokeWare has other products related to singing and karaoke, which you might also want to check out.

Visit KaraokeWare here!

Karaoke Ware

Karaoke Channel

If you don’t want to tinker with your computer, karaoke machine, or smartphone just theSmart TV alone and the Karaoke Channel app would do it. Using the app and your TV is as simple as changing channels. After all, it’s basically like the common karaoke channels you typically see in cable channels. The difference is that you can pick the song you want anytime.

Now, it’s available from most TV service providers. You can now use your television as a karaoke machine and at the same time use it as it is to watch the world’s best amazing kid singers. If you want to get the full karaoke experience, you can also get its mobile app version through StingRay. You can check out Karaoke Channel on this link.

Karaoke Channel

Karaoki and Karaoki Cloud Pro

Sadly, popular online karaoke services can make you think you own the songs you sing once you start paying for their services. Unfortunately, once your subscription ends, those songs you sang won’t be available to you ever again.

This makes Karaoki (it’s spelled that way) and it’s Cloud Pro service unique. You pay $49.99 a month for the service. And you’ll instantly receive 4,500 songs in your first month. When I say receive, all of those songs will be saved in your computer.

Even if you discontinue the service, those songs are yours. You can use and sing them anytime you want without an Internet connection, which most Karaoke service nowadays is reliant on. It’s a good time to hoard songs, especially now that most of us are on lock-down due to the Corona virus.

Aside from those 4,500 songs, you can have 10 additional songs each week. And rest assured that no record labels or artists will sue you for piracy. All songs in Karaoke Cloud Pro makes sure that every song you have is considered legally acquired. This is something some other Karaoke service providers and karaoke CD makers often neglect to do.

Get your Karaoki here!


Closing Statement

There you have it. Those are the top five karaoke software you can download online and use free of charge. Some of these programs allow you to use them freely through ads or limited functionality. If you find one of these apps satisfactory, I heavily recommend you to opt for their subscriptions or pay for the premium versions of their apps. I promise you that you won’t regret it!

If you like to have a real karaoke machine, you can check out the ones I’ve reviewed here: Karaoke Machine Reviews.

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