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Last weekend (2/3/2019) might have been a Super Bowl party if you follow this great American sporting event. If you have lingered a little longer to catch the tail of it, what followed was a premiere of a new TV show, where the best in the world compete for a million-dollar price, dubbed as “The World’s Best”. The likes of Dimash from Kasahkstan, a “Miracle Violinist” from Japan, “The Drowning Man” from Great Britain, The “TNT Boys” from the Philippines and many others.

I’m particularly interested in this show because I’m feeling confident that singers will fare up well against acrobats, martial artists, magicians, etc. It remains to be seen, obviously.

What adds to my curiosity are the three young kids from the Philippines, called the “TNT Boys” with powerful voices for such a young age. They garnered the highest score of 99 points along with a Taekwondo group from South Korea, as of this writing.

Here are the boys on the show:

The TNT Boys – Who Are They Really?

Nope, TNT doesn’t mean “dynamite”, although they are very explosive when they sing. TNT came from a noontime TV show in the Philippines called Tawag Ng Tanghalan (Call of the Stage) where amateur kid singers compete for a price.

These three boys were later on dubbed as TNT Boys, named after the show’s acronym. They are also known as the Big Shot Trio. They became finalists in the TNT TV show back in 2017, but only one won at second place. It was in 2018 that they made a come-back, and this time, they are put to conquer the world.

The names of these three boys are Keifer Sanchez, Mackie Empuerto, and Francis Concepcion.


  • Keifer Sanchez – born in 2004, this boy was raised in Davao City where his father worked as a jeepney driver. A jeepney is a mode of public transportation, and people in this occupation are in the low-income bracket in the Philippine society.
  • Mackie Empuerto – this boy, on the other hand, was born in the country’s capital. Even at a young age, he has amassed several awards and trophies from singing contests. Not much is known about his parents, but his mother already quit her job to ensure that she can be there to support her son in achieving his dreams.
  • Francis Concepcion – Francis was born in 2006, also coming from the low-end spectrum of socio-economic status. He used to help his aunt in selling rice and sugar at a small store, commonly known as a sari-sari store in the Philippines.

Small But Driven – An Inspiration to Many

Despite their young age and poverty, the three boys are undeterred. Their passion for singing is what brought them to this status, but this did not come without a cost.

They have to go to school and, like any other kid, have to pass their academic goals. This is cumbersome, as they had to practice singing and make sure that they are prepared to perform in front of huge crowds.

The three boys also received flak for cross-dressing when they performed Jessie J’s Bang! Bang! Despite the criticism and online bullying, the three boys are emotionally calm and said that they just ignore the speech and accusations that they are gay.

They are fully aware that this is just the beginning, and that stardom comes with people who will dislike the way you entertain.

Three for the World – Make the World Hear

The TNT Boys were featured in BBC recently, and they have traveled the world to perform. They were part of the UK’s Little Big Shots. This performance prompted Ellen to Tweet Beyoncé, asking her to watch the episode of the show.

It was also this performance that made Brian, one of the members of the band Queen, share a clip of the performance on his Facebook Page.

Overall, the TNT Boys performed on the four franchises of the Little Big Shots in different countries – the U.S., UK, Australian, and the Philippines.

Achievements and Beyond

There is no stopping the three boys from achieving their dreams. It is not a question of whether they will become part of the international music scene, but it is a question of when.

Today, the TNT Boys had already been part of six major concerts in their home country and in Dubai.

If you followed them early on, these kids broke the most sold out tickets to a concert by youngsters in the Philippines, called “Listen”.

There is no wonder what is in store for the TNT Boys. As early as now, their impersonations of various singers like the Bee Gees, Queen, Nicki Minaj, Ariana, and many more, have made them a mainstream viral sensation online.

For “The World’s Best” competition, win or lose is insignificant. They have already accomplished what many of us can only dream of, being at the “World Stage”.

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  1. What amazing young boys. It’s heartwarming to see such talent at a young age. But infuriating that they are already being subjected to trolling. Isn’t it awful how people think that they can say such mean things to other human beings just because they are doing it online? In the case of children, this is particularly monstrous. I hope these boys rise above it and enjoy living their dreams, they totally deserve to succeed. 

    1. Hello Natalie,

      Yes, I love them.  It’s refreshing to see their carefree (in a good way) attitude.  I saw and followed them when they were just competing against each other on TV.  They worked hard to be where they’re at now, but working hard wasn’t hard work because of the love and passion they put into it.  They came from very poor families, and that drove them to reach high at a young age. 

      They’re aware of negative comments online, but they have been guided well to ignore them.  I saw some of their reactions when they were asked about it.  I’m with you, they definitely deserve success and I know they will.

      Thank you for stopping by and your comment, Natalie.


  2. I had seen those three on Little Big Shots! They are amazing singers! I hope they continue what they are doing and never lose those Golden values. It’s easy to do but it looks like these three are pretty determined. It was a very interesting read and found them inspirational. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    1. Hi Rand,

      They’re from a country where there are “singing” everywhere.  I have followed them on youtube and they are always reminded of where they came from and not have little successes get to their heads. One of the reasons for aiming for the best at an early age is because of their humble beginnings.  They competed against each other at a singing contest to rise up from their situations.  

      What an inspiration they are indeed. Oops, they are actually on TV now for The Worlds Best TV show.  I gotta go 😉

      Thank you for stopping by.  

  3. I fell in love with them and I pray for them to continue to sing and support them. I will always support them. A friend who Care..

    1. Hi Kristela,

      This is a late reply due to the past Holiday break, but I just want to add that they’re growing as mature boys now with a lot of opportunities in front of them.

      Hey, I appreciate you stopping by to my site. I will be posting more in the next few days. I hope to see you here again.


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