The Art of Performance – An Usher Masterclass Review

The Course – 16 video lessons and a 25-page downloadable workbook
Price – $90 (Single class) or $180 annually for All-Access (75+ other Instructors)
Rating – 4.7 out of 5 stars
Availability – Click here
Also, there’s an option to offer as a gift to someone


About a year ago I heard about, a web-based tutorial class taught by celebrities, that are geniuses in their respective fields. One of them I have reviewed is Christina Aguilera who teaches singing and I thought this site was a brilliant idea.

In The Art of Performance, we’re going to take a look at yet another celebrity that walks through different aspects of techniques to get you ready as a total performer; how to stand out on stage, read your audience in a room, regardless of size and win over them.

Most of you reading this is familiar with this American singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer. If not, you can take a peek by clicking his name here – Usher.


This is For You If…

This course is a Masterclass about the art of performance taught by Usher.  Sometimes, we are so focused on techniques on specific areas in singing, like breathing, tone, vocal registers that we miss the big picture, to share what we’ve got by performing in front of others.  If that’s a dream, then this is for you.

Aside from the myriad of personal benefits of singing and dancing, getting your skill out there will take you to another level. For some of us that have put in years of singing lessons without a way to perform it could be very disheartening.  You’re here because you have an inclination that someday you dream of performing to an audience.

Usher started as a singer first when he was just 9 years old and already joined an R&B group at 10. Let’s take a look at one of the best in his field, combining singing, dancing, acting and performing and other areas in his arsenal to become one of a complete package.


The Main Reasons Why You Should Take The Course

He’s a winner of 8 Grammy Awards.  Not anyone can just get that enormous title without a high price to pay.  He’s worked hard and he deserves the podium to tell us how he’s made the big league. He will reveal his technical skills, advice and career lessons from over 25 years of captivating his audience.  Artists perform on stage and we feel like it’s so easy, so natural and we don’t see what brought them to that stage before they even got there.

In this class, he talks about going through building yourself overtime if you want to go the long haul, the sacrifice of becoming your greatest and having the tools needed to go as far as you choose and that means not only in singing, dancing or entertaining but as a whole person in any career.

Usher has been through the process, what it takes to be successful in his field and sharing it here in this class is something worth checking out as he says “This is my Masterclass.  Are you ready?


16 Lessons in Becoming a Total Performer
  1. Introduction – He opens up on what lies ahead in the course, what to expect and what he’s going to offer, “..something that lasts forever, something that I learned, that was taught to me..”.
  1. Getting Started – He starts off by suggesting finding opportunities to perform, use social media to grow your audience, and leaves you with your first-class assignment. Doing something is the first step, a physical action.
  1. Gathering Inspirations – He talks about finding a source of creativity, putting them down on paper and interpret them into a song, a certain dance move, and so on. Sources of being one are always all around us just waiting to inspire us to greatness.  He studied several artists that worked hard to get to where they’re at and suggests doing the same.
  1. Applying Inspiration – After being inspired by gathered sources, ultimately applying them gives you an identity, not just be an imitator. He says to be inspired by what you see, take it and create your own “reinterpretation” and make it your own.
  1. Singing – He teaches about learning to identify and expand your range, warming up, and taking care of the “two strips of muscles” in your throat before and after a live performance. He specifically teaches a technique – when you can’t hear your voice in a live performance, making sure you don’t get off-pitch.
  1. Dancing – He brings his experience from childhood dancing in the ’80s, ’90s from different artists to discovering his own style. He explains how “interpretation and individuality are the keys to a captivating dance performance”.  He points out the benefit of studying dancers from all sources, but having to put it all together physically, putting your own eyes on it is crucial.
  1. Acting – Usher wasn’t formally trained as an actor but he brings in techniques he mastered through trial and error, taking every opportunity to find ways to be the best actor he can be and eventually became a soap opera actor, TV actor, and other roles that were available for him. From this experience, you will learn how to discover a different personality in becoming a creative actor.
  1. Preparing for A Live Performance – He suggests going through the entire performance when in private, to build confidence in the event of a breakdown, making mistakes seem intentional. He touches on being always prepared and ready through pre-show rituals, rehearsal techniques to meditation and visualization – seeing in your mind what’s going to happen before you even go out in the “moment of truth”.
  1. Captivating an Audience – Usher has got some of his best tips on capturing his audience’s hearts. You can see how he does it in his performance videos.  He says it’s all about your connection to the song, and to the audience, you’re singing to.  Being able to read your environment while there’s a lot going on, the singing, the dance, the lyrics, the band. Reading the room ultimately gets you to another level.
  1. Showtime – He talks about being committed to your performance, whether the camera is on you or not, and be totally in character showing a contaminating conviction. Then he talks about leaving space for magic amidst a mistake or perceived one, leaving space for spontaneity. He declares to allow yourself at the moment, no matter what happens, even imperfections and mistakes.
  1. Performance Review – Usher walks you through his live performance in London’s O2 Arena on video. It’s a play-by-play of being in the moment, critiquing as the video rolls on with sweat all over his face and the dramatic moments in the show.   Even the long silence builds into dramatic energy.
  1. Collaboration – Usher walks you through his approach and insights to collaborating with other artists such as David Guetta and Alicia Keys. He talks about the importance of collaborating with producers, managers, executives, record companies.  He says,” it takes a village to put together an incredible project”.
  1. Creating A Personal Brand – Usher discloses his secrets in successful branding using social media, sex appeal, and the tools you need to set yourself apart. He confirms that you must find ways to market and sell what you’ve created, your commodity.  He states that you’re not only an artist but an entrepreneur at the same time.  So, be dedicated and committed to it.
  1. Mental Toughness – Every artist that made it, was greeted with a lot of NO’s and Usher admits that openly, “I have more failures than I’ve actually had successes” and he’s always got back up and kept going. Learn from an attitude of forgiving yourself, getting back up, and moving on when a performance goes out of whack.
  1. Usher’s Career Journey – Here, we’re following a man’s life story, one of entertainment’s most successful careers, 25 years in the making. He loved and tried baseball, football, basketball, and eventually found his connection in music and fell in love with what he really wanted to do.  Follow along as he narrates it more in detail how he finally secured his spot in the limelight of his colorful career.
  1. Final Thoughts – Finally, he sums this class advocating you the opportunity to use his teaching to prepare for your moment that can bring you far more than you could ever imagine. The measure of his success has always been the journey and not a specific place, record sales, recognition, idea or expansion. His experiences inspire you to use the same journey he’s walked through.


What I Really Love About the Course

Access to an elite mentor that has been in the industry for over 25 years with real-life experiences in his field.  Learn from one of the best performers that have proven himself winning multiple Grammy awards that wouldn’t just be available otherwise.

You’re not only getting a course by Usher, but you also get all several dozens of other experts in their field when you purchase the All-access for only $180

High-quality production videos and course composition.

The Price, considering having access to someone who’s “been there, done that” and you get golden nuggets from an ultimate performer.

You can learn as you go on your own terms and pace via your mobile device, desktop, and Apple TV.  What could be more valuable than having someone that gives invaluable knowledge out of the comfort of your home to inspire and motivate you in your quest, not only in singing but the whole package as a performer?

I like the idea of buying this as a gift by selecting the “Gift” button as an option.  It’s not a physical product, so it will be available to the recipient once you purchase it, especially when it’s a last-minute thing.

There’s also a lesson discussion board where Students comment, encourage each other in the class, like-minded collaborators that adds even more value.


What Could Be Better

Since this is a self-paced course, there is no accountability unless you are self-motivated to pursue a dream.  He’s not going to handhold you to success. Some of us are so pumped up to start something, but we slowly fizzle out when we don’t see an immediate result.

You will be left in front of a screen on your own, not getting input on the fly when you have an immediate question or when it’s time to apply what you just learned.  It could lead to frustration that you end up prematurely quitting the course.

See to it that before purchasing this course that you aim for the goal and what you get at the end.

I’ve mentioned on this website before that a local voice teacher (or dancer) that you trust and can work with you in person is more preferable, but considering the constraint of time and money, you’re still at the upper hand in the long run.

It’s a masterclass, which means you’ve either been a student or gained some knowledge about the subject before you understand most of it.  The reverse can also be true, that even if you are just a total novice but willing to work hard, it can be a confidence builder to thrust you forward as a start.

There’s a quote that says, “You only get out what you put into it”, but the amount of reward you get out from the effort you put in is life-changing.




In Conclusion

You don’t have to be a singer or dancer to benefit from this class. This is all about the art of success.  It’s basically insights for everyone who wants to succeed in life.

Usher passes on his knowledge of his craft, attitude of commitment, and an opportunity to help and motivate people who needed a sense of belief in themselves. He admits that it’s not always about hitting the right notes or steps, he made mistakes himself.  It’s the commitment that you convey within you in what you do.

You’re reading this because you’re one that is looking for a way to better your skill in singing and performing.  I encourage you to go out there and get it for yourself.  No one is going to give that to you, and one of the opportunities to grow is to get the tools you need to achieve that, whether this course or something else.  But you have to get out there and do something.

I read this quote from an investment book two weeks ago – “the best time to invest was yesterday, and the next best time is today”.  As in other areas, a performer just doesn’t expect to just show up and be good at it unconsciously.  An investment of effort is waiting to be made and “…the next best time is today.” To get the course, click here.


  1. Wow, well, I really didn’t know that these courses were so affordable! $ 180 a year for unlimited access is a really low price if you are taught by someone named Usher! As you wrote yourself, it has won 8 Grammy Awards so I am sure the course is great! Topics cover every area of ​​the music industry, not just singing.

    1. Isn’t that awesome? When I started looking at the website, there were only 45+ celebrity instructors.  Now, there are more than 75 and growing every day.  I also did a review of Christina Aguilera for the purpose of this website.  

      Some of the names you’re already familiar with are Gordon Ramsey, Stephen Curry, Spike Lee, Serena Williams, Steve Martin, Samuel Jackson and on and on…

      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. I’ve seen a lot of ads on YouTube about MasterClass and I’ve been interested in it for the longest time because of all the celebrities on it. Gordon Ramsay, Steph Curry, Hans Zimmerman, etc., it’s really interesting seeing them teach courses on what they have been really successful in. I have been hesitant, however. Are these online courses more worth it than getting a private teacher?

    1. Hi Kevin,

      An amazing concept, isn’t it?  You’d think they just live a private life and not bother, right?  I think what they get in return is beyond the financial gain but the satisfaction in helping and passing on to others what they know.  

      To your question, you would have had already acquired some level of skills to benefit from these courses. They are higher concepts, golden nuggets to be able to gain most from it.  The rest, the details, you’ll have to get it from other sources.

  3. I love singing, but I have always been shy about singing in public. I usually sing in the car and at home, but I would love to take up singing classes. I really enjoy singing. This masterclass is a great idea, having famous singers teach you their skills, techniques, and giving you assignments. What I especially liked about Usher’s first class is that he gives an assignment, so you can learn while doing it. 

    I can especially relate to gathering and applying inspirations, because I am an author, and I use the same techniques, although techniques is not really the right word for me. Anything inspires me and I use it and reinterpret it my own way, just like Usher suggests. He gives excellent advices, and I would also love to check out Cristina Aguilera’s masterclass. she has an amazing voice and a lot of presence on stage. I’m sure she has a lot to teach. 

    I think that such classes taught by professionals are great opportunities, but it is as you say, you have to keep on working, making an effort. Nothing is handed to us, we have to make it happen.

    1. Hi Christine,

      Just like in any field, dedication, and commitment to your craft is key.  We can all be inspired by these high achievers.  Don’t give up on your singing. Your level of confidence is built by starting small.  Start singing to yourself on video, nobody hears you, nobody sees you, but correct the ones you’re not happy with as you go.  Over time with consistency, you’ll see some results.

  4. This is a brilliant idea! Looks like a great class for aspiring performers. Who better to learn from than Usher? The price seems very reasonable, too. It’s just too bad there isn’t a way to get feedback. However, it would be a great way to motivate yourself and learn the truth about the path to success.

    1. Holly, there’s a community within the class where you collaborate and have a discussion about the subject.  It might not be Usher himself who will respond but everyone you would be talking to would have gone through the same course.  So it’s an added value.

  5. I love the words of Usher; it shows he denies himself of pleasure to go the long mile; honestly this is a right platform to learn from. I have seen many a times where startups are told it all depends on your talent. But now it is not about talent, but your wiliness and readiness to go the long mile

    1. Talent is something you acquire over a period of time through some sort of discipline and training. It’s very valuable, but I believe that without commitment to persevere with consistency until the desired goal is met, talent is worthless.  Usher started singing when he was 9 years old.  You know what, he’s still on it to this day.

      I would love to have both, but if I have to pick between the two, I’ll go for the latter.

  6. That was an incredible review and because I do not watch t.v., this was my first time hearing of this very clever idea. When I think about the concept and how fortunate we are to have this type of personal mentoring and high level of transparency available from those who are at the top of their field it actually surprises me at the low cost.

    Your review was well written and very inspiring. Growing up in a musically gifted and talented family, some of who have very good success in their careers, I have seen the high levels of commitment and dedication required even from those we often view as lucky or overnight successes.

    Usher is a gifted and multi-talented entertainer and as is the case for all who achieve his level of success, he earned it. My father used to give voice lessons in-home and my uncle owned music stores and gave guitar lessons. Those who look to achieve any level of success have to roll up their sleeves and do the work and master their craft. I agree with your conclusion on your review in that this kind of information would benefit anyone looking to improve their life no matter their chosen profession.

    thumbs up on this post!

    see you at the top,

    1. Thank you for your honest comment. We have no more excuses for success.  The availability of tools and resources to get us where we want is enormous. The producers of saw a need to fill and ran with it.

  7. I did not know that Usher has this class and I am surprised that they are very affordable! Thank you so much for the summary of the course. I think this course will benefit me greatly because I am in this field and maybe I can apply to my acting as well which is always a plus. I love learning new performance techniques.

    1. Great that you found this helpful Nuttanee. There are also other well-known instructors in acting if you’re in that field.  One of them is Helen Mirren, a well known English actress.  

  8. Hi there, great review! This course is an awesome opportunity for someone wishing to learn the art of performance. To learn with a winner of 8 Grammy Awards is something unique, it’s pure gold. Success doesn’t happen by chance, it has to be learned like anything else in life. A self-paced course is perfect no need to rush.



  9. I am really happy to read this topic. This topic is really helpful for those people who are seeking a trustworthy course for singing, dancing, acting, etc., isn’t it?

       Definitely the Art of Performance is one of the best platforms to learn song, dance, acting from the remote corner. It is very helpful for new celebrity people. I appreciate this article very much. I want to share this article on my social media so that my friends get information from this topic.

    Thank you for your article.

  10. Just reading your review on this course by Usher inspired me. Your conclusion said it all. His teaching is not only applicable to entertainers but also to any one desiring to achieve success in whatever they are pursuing. Like Affiliate Marketing. $180 for an all access is a bargain. 

    You mentioned that one of the shortfalls is the missing component of an accountability system. I gave that some thought. Since there must be so many individuals who are owners of this course, it would be great if there was a forum ti connect these aspiring artists on a voluntary basis. In that way they could connect with others who are willing to team up and be accountable to each other.

    This could be taken a stage further. Members could perform for each other one on one or even in groups using real time video communicating apps. Constructive feedback could be given in a supportive manner rather than being nasty. 

    Anyway, this is just a thought. 

    Thanks for sharing this topic. I truly enjoyed reading it.



    1. Hi Edwin,

      There’s actually a community within the class where you collaborate and have a discussion about the subject in the form of a comment, like this one. Yes, an accountability group would really add more value to the course.  

      Your last thought is brilliant – with each student to perform on video for each other. That alone is worth the price you would have paid.

  11. Hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. Usher is one of my favorite artists of all time. I would literally jump at any opportunity to know what he did to achieve that level

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