SkillShare Review: A Must Need for The Budding Singer In You

I’ve compared this online platform to MasterClass in another post. I might as well do a SkillShare review to make it fair. Like MasterClass, SkillShare has its own singing and music classes. One of the main differences is that it has a humongous number of instructors and some of them are ready to help you to be the singer of the next level.

A little segue if you will: SkillShare is an online educational platform. Malcolm Ong and Michale Karnjanaprakorn founded the company. It started its services on November 9, 2010. It’s currently headquartered in New York City, New York.

An online educational platform is a website that provides learning materials in various industries Classes or courses are made up of videos with an average length of around 30 to 40 minutes long.



Some of the course quality guidelines in SkillShare are:

  1. Clear and crisp audio quality, with no background noises, and high-resolution video.
  2. The video must come with other videos to complete a class project.
  3. The video must be at least 10 minutes long and the instructor must post at least once a week.
  4. The video and the instructor must adhere to the community guidelines.
  5. The instructor must have an introduction video.
  6. The video must have value and clearly taught.

SkillShare Is For You If…

This educational platform is for you if you want to learn something new without wasting a lot of time. If you dislike testing, formal lectures, and assignments, you can’t go wrong with it.

Also, almost everything you want to know and learn is in one place. No more googling, if that’s even a word. You don’t need to guess what course to look for or the articles you need. It’s a gathering spot for both learners and teachers. Just click the topic you want, and voila! you rest assured you’ll get or learn what you want.

Another reason for taking a serious look; if you find talking with like-minded individuals as being beneficial, this is for you. It’s packed with people who are as interested to learn new things just like you. This active community will keep you company while you enjoy learning new things.

This educational platform is fairly economical. Its premium access is as reasonable as $15 a month. It costs as much as a NetFlix subscription.

In addition, there’s a way to reduce that amount to $8.75 a month. Register as an annual member and it’s yours. If you don’t have the cash to spare, no worries. You can enjoy SkillShare with a free account.

Another thing that you should know is that you can support your favorite YouTuber when you opt-in. It’s no secret that most of the popular vloggers on YouTube are sponsored by SkillShare. You’ll find their videos there as well.

You would also definitely enjoy their long-form content. This is especially true with YouTubers who are in the Science niche. What they make from SkillShare makes it possible to produce more in-depth videos that would absolutely add value to your benefit.




Lastly, SkillShare is for you if you are an artist. Unlike its competitors, it has the biggest number of creative and artistic courses in the business. If you’re a singer, you’ll be flooded by the number of singing lessons and courses to the point of being annoyed, in a good way, I’d say.

The Main Reasons You Should Try SkillShare

Aside from time, you won’t lose your hard-earned cash unless you let it. I’m assuming you’ve checked other reviews saying it’s a scam or a cash grab.

While it’s true that many people have lost some cash, it’s not just the company that gets the blame. Most of the time, the users themselves fail to read about how promotions are being processed.

People often sign up for the free trial and other promotions. The catch is that they usually forget to cancel before the trial period runs out.

Having said that, you can try the service without worrying about losing money. You have at least a month to take advantage of the vast array of videos and see if joining is truly right for you or worth the money.

What I Love About SkillShare

The content is massive. With more than 22k worth of videos, it’s more than enough to last me at least 10 years’ worth of videos. You’re in, I’m sure the singing videos should be enough unless you just stumbled in here and was looking for something else.

In case you find the time and want to take a break watching video courses on singing, you can settle on watching technology stuff or writing-related videos instead.



Another thing I love about the videos is that the instructors, aptly called presenters, are not boring. They’re energized, and they make sure that the videos are accompanied with enough visual aids that can be very entertaining to help you get sucked into the lesson in a good way, seems to me. I guess that might be one of the policies to be eligible as an instructor.

What Could Be Better

I did some initial background check about the company and I know for a fact that the weakest link on their team is its customer service.

Many have reported that their customer service is either incompetent or irresponsive. Its troubled customers often rely on other users in the community for help at times. This has become a trend in online services, and they should attend to this concern.

Next is quality control or curation. I won’t deny the fact that I had stumbled upon low-quality lessons and videos. I should never forget the fact that this is not a strictly curated website.

Take note that anyone can be an instructor, and almost anyone can publish their content as long as it follows the site’s class guidelines. It’s completely unlike MasterClass that only allows high-profile personalities to be published.

It would be best if they hire more curators and raise the bar of their quality standards. After all, it’s just discouraging to browse around low-quality videos if you’re a premium member.

It’s true they have what’s called Staff Pick or Workshop Programming Inclusion. However, I don’t particularly agree with the picks, and I’ve found better videos or lessons that are much deserving to be included in the list of Staff Picks.

It should address its promotion and trial period processes. I know I’m already way passed that hurdle, but it would be best to make it easier for new users to manage their own trial periods in transitioning to premium membership.


Skillshare Review

In Conclusion

Ultimately, SkillShare is worth checking out. You’re obviously on a website on singing, I still do recommend getting a premium membership to take advantage of a variety of courses on singing. You have the luxury to be picky and devour all available choices to your heart’s content.

However, I would still tell you to take it easy and go with the trial first. Most of the low-quality videos I’ve found are in the web development and marketing sections. The leadership and management classes can be as generic as they can be.

I’ve said this before on this website and I’m going to say it again.   “If you implement even only half of what you learn from a course like SkillShare, the time, the effort and money you spend are all worth it”.


  1. Nice review, I’m continually amazed at what’s on the internet. Sing lessons? My goodness.

    Have you taken any of these lessons? It would be like going on one of those talent shows, only not really. Imagine taking lessons from your favorite singer.

    I liked how you advised people about putting a skillshare together. I also liked how told about things to watch out for. You wrote with authority and confidence and I guess you pick up a following soon if you haven’t already got one.

    All the best, Garry.

  2. Thank you for the fantastic review. This is an awesome web page too. Skillshare is an excellent platform for learning. If you want to learn a new skill or embark on a creative project then Skillshare is a great option. I am a musician and artist and did not know this platform existed. I will be sure to share with my friends. I have used a similar learning platform called Linda. There was no live Instructors – its all videos. So Skillshare does have competitive advantage in that way. It is good that there is a trial option before you commit. This gives a person time to familiarise themselves with the menu and functionality. I highly recommend your review and Skillshare. Thank You Jen

  3. Skillshare is a great platform to learn. I love the simplicity of the platform, it is easy to navigate and the lessons are made in small videos that you can easily understand and follow at your own convenience. The video quality is awesome and the sound is very clean and neat.

    I joined skillshare a while ago and I have been learning new skills that s improving my business every day.


  4. Thank you for the fantastic review. I like how you guys put together the skills you need. It’s also a great web page. I also liked how it was told about how to watch. You wrote with authority and confidence. General Chat Lounge I will be sure to share it with my friends. I highly recommend your review and Skillshare. Thank You.

    1. My pleasure to share what’s out there, Joy.  Thank you for your comments, I’m glad you found the material helpful.

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