Singing Dummies Pamelia S PhillipsAn easy to digest book to help your singer friend improve.
Music Theory Dummies Michael PilhoferEase your friend up for learning the secrets of music and singing.
Singing 101 Basics Fundamental AbilitiesA quick rundown on the things you need to learn and master as a vocalist.
Sing Like Star Ultimate SingingIt contains a wide spectrum of lessons to guide your friend and become zero to hero.
Music Composition Dummies Scott JarrettHe plans to launch a single or album? This is the book for him.
Learn How Sing Booklet Self HelpRoughly outlined, but easy to absorb lessons for your amateur singing friend.
Vocal Fitness Trainings Teach YourselfSinging skills and personal health go hand in hand.
Anatomy Voice Illustrated Singers TherapistsBecoming a professional requires a sound body and mind.