Portable Isolation Booth Review: Monoprice’s Microphone Isolation Shield

It’s becoming a common trend that band members are now splitting the costs of getting recording gears for the group. Before, it’s either the drummer or the bassist who invests in these. And as a vocalist yourself, there are two things you must have: a microphone and a portable isolation booth.

Compared to other band members, a front-man tends to spend less money on music-related items, to be honest. I can say that I’m actually lucky to be a singer. After all, our instrument comes free of charge in exchange for time and effort practicing and improving.

The only crux of most singers is that it’s often that they’re the least tech-savvy member of the group. It’s inevitable. We don’t need any fancy gadgets most of the time. All we need to do is warm up our voice, and we’re ready to perform.

And because of that, you must be on a journey researching the things you need to buy. I’m sure you’re already done selecting a microphone, and the next product you need is a portable isolation booth.

Monoprice’s Microphone Isolation Shield

Microphone isolation shield, reflection filter, portable isolation booth… It has a lot of names, and it can be quite confusing. You can check the article I’ve done about it if you want a refresher.. If you’re already familiar with this kind of product, you can proceed with this review.

Going back to the review, we have Monoprice’s microphone isolation shield. It costs around $85. It’s one of the most budget-friendly PIBs out there, and it is well received by the public.

Foldable Seats
You Might Want to Bring A Foldable Seat With It

At first glance, it looks like what you’ve expected. A fold-able set of sound-absorbing panels with a microphone mounted in the middle. The acoustic foam panels are supported by black metal sheets that act as a shield against unwanted noise and reflections.

I can say that this product is the image of the standard portable isolation booth. And it wouldn’t look out of place in a conventional recording studio.


  • Weight: 0.725 lbs. (0.339 kgs.)
  • Dimensions: 3.2” x 16.3” x 7.5”
  • Microphone Thread: 3/8” w/ 3/8” to 5/8” adapter

What Makes It A Must Buy

First, it’s very lightweight and fold-able. You can lug it anywhere you want. You can bring it to your band member’s home studio, or at home. It’s a bit bulky, but it won’t be an issue because I’m sure that the only thing you’ll carry with it is your microphone.

Second, you can attach it on your mic stand and place it on top of a flat surface. This means that you can record or practice standing or sitting. You can also have it on a table in podcasts or any voice recording work. You can even hang it upside down if you have a ceiling-mounted stand. This removes the worry of toppling a microphone stand with your mic.

You should be aware that portable isolation booths require a heavy-duty stand. Despite being a lot lighter compared to other products, it’s still considerably heavy for your run of the mill stands, but make sure to reinforce it with some weight on its base to avoid to avoid getting knocked over.

Thin Mic Stand
Remember That Regular Stands Like This Won’t Do

How About Its Performance?

It’s wide enough as an isolated booth for recording a musical instrument. I’m guessing that some of you play the guitar while performing.

You can adjust the position and angle of the side panels with the help of the adjustable screws mounted on top of each panels’ hinges. If you want to optimize its sound-absorbing capabilities, you can fold the sides tighter to ensure that little sound can go in and out of your isolated area.

So… it just works! It’s beneficial to have when you’re performing with your band regardless if you’re recording or live. Thanks to its metal back-plate, it can shield your microphone from the other sounds your band members are making. It also prevents the speakers from your mic to create a feedback loop, which can be devastating during a performance.

The video starts in 01:02 with a test without the shield. Skip to 12:30 to hear him with the shield on.

A Precaution

The product can be easily subjected to wear and tear if you plan to take it frequently with you. Mainly, the rubber pads on the bottom side of this product can peel off if the place is humid. However, even if those get removed, it won’t really affect its performance.

Easy To Carry
Be Sure To Handle It With Care When You Transport It

My Last Say On This

Standard. That’s the keyword here. If you want a reliable and inexpensive portable isolation booth, this is portable isolation booth that you need. It has no fancy bells and whistles, and it just does what it’s supposed to do. It’s lightweight, can be installed anywhere, multipurpose, and adjustable.

Just remember that you need a good stand regardless if you get this or another make or brand. If you have more cash to burn and your band is passionate about recording your songs, you might want to check out mobile acoustic enclosures. They are a complete upgrade to these portable isolation booths but at the cost of a bit of a premium. To have a closer look, you can go here: Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield.

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