Portable Isolation Booth Review: LyxPro’s VRI

It’s nice to think about what would happen if I was born a few decades later. Technological advances truly create a generational gap when it comes to opportunities and ways we do things. Before, you had no choice but to rent a studio to record a song. Now, you can just spend a few bucks on a microphone and a portable isolation booth. You can start recording your voice in much higher quality through your phone or computer.

Be glad you have access to any consumer audio gear you want. And I know that you’re here to see if the LyxPro VRI is right for you. I’m assuming you already know what portable isolation booths are. If you don’t, you should read this article first: Portable Isolation Booth. Once you’re done, you can resume reading this review.

Mixing Console
There’s Too Much Things To Buy Nowadays

LyxPro VRI Specs (Extra Large)

  • Weight: 9.95 lbs
  • Dimensions: 16.5” x 16.5” x 11”
  • Available Sizes: Mini/Large/Extra Large

An Old Product Beating The New Ones

If I’m going to sum up this product in a few words, I guess it would be, “This product is a clearly improved version of the standard portable isolation booths.” And it’s funny that this product has been around for more than four years, yet it’s still dominating.

People should give props for that person who designed this. After all, good artists imitate great artists, steal. He basically took the most popular design for old PIBs. He added some simple features that developed this product to be leaps and bounds better than the previously leading brands.

Top and bottom bars were added. These bars have multiple purposes. First, it increased the area that the product isolated. Second, it covered the previously problem areas with PIBs, which were the top and bottom. Third, the product becomes a box when closed, making it possible to place items inside while it’s being carried, mainly the microphone that’s going to be used with it.

Fragile Box
Be Careful Though, It’s Not Really Designed To Be Used Like That

You might think that you’re going to stuck with a bulky box while moving around. Thankfully, the manufacturer got around this issue by allowing the product to be fully disassembled. This also adds the option to use this PIB without the side panels.

Another improvement in the generic PIB design is the addition of the perforated external plating. It now reflects sound back, and it absorbs a bit of it, too. This makes full use of the foam panel. The perforations in the plating also reduce the weigh down significantly. Usually, a portable isolation box weighs around 11 to 12 lbs. This one only weighs about 10 lbs. If you take the mounting and accessories out of the equation, it barely weighs 7.75 lbs.

The Foam Panel

When it comes to the foam panel, the VRI uses material that’s industry-standard today, which is EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate, a combination of plastics). It’s also shaped into the typical pyramid shape foams you see in modern recording studios. It does its job well, which is to provide you with clear and crisp recordings that are free from any undesirable audio signals.

The Mounting Accessories

Aside from being portable, it’s also compatible with most microphone mounts, stands, and microphone types. It’s all thanks to the mounting accessories that come with this product. Do note that this doesn’t come with a position, and I advise you to only attach this to a heavy-duty microphone stand, this is an essential requirement for PIBs.

You can also place it on top of a table, or attach it to a wall. It’s not precisely a recommendable setup, but it’s still an option.

Recording Table
It Will Definitely Fit In With The Stuff On Your Desktop

The Catch That Comes With The Improvements

It’s considerably a better product than the ones you see in the market. And because of that, it’s makers can ask for a higher price. This one costs $50 (it’s priced around $120 to $130) more than the average PIB pricing. The additional $50 is worth it, considering that you’ll get a quality product.

If you’re on a tight budget and just want to know what it feels like to have that professional feel when singing and practicing, you can choose to get the mini version. It only costs around $35.

Be warned, though. The mini’s design is entirely different from the Large and Extra-Large versions, which are the focus of this review. Nonetheless, it retains the basic model without the top and bottom bars and the side panels.

Is This The One?

That shouldn’t be a question. It’s the one ideal for amateur singers and budding recording artists. With its simple, innovative design, it became a crowd favorite. And now that all things said, I implore you to take a sneak peek of what you’re getting: LyxPro Sound Reflection Recording Panel Shield.

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