Online Singing Courses Review: Roma Waterman

If you’re shopping around for online singing courses, then you’ve found a review for someone reliable, knowledgeable, and venerable. Yep, you’ve heard that right; there’s someone like that, and that’s Roma Waterman.

She is a singer and vocal coach for more than two decades in Melbourne, Australia. She’s also been involved in major television shows like The Voice and X-Factor as a preliminary judge, singing coach, and session singer. And what makes her unique from the past coaches I’ve reviewed is that her primary genre is Christian music.

But that’s not all. Roma won multiple songwriting awards, and the biggest winning she had was from The Gospel Music Association. She also has some music albums available on iTunes.

Lastly, according to her posts, she’s helping a particular ministry. She was one of its core staff before, but she resigned. Some of the earnings from her songs and courses go into it. I shouldn’t have included it here, but I just want you guys to have a good feeling of helping if you plan to get some of her stuff.

If you want to prove that anyone can sing well, then let’s take a peek.

Gospel Genre


She has three courses in Udemy for singing:

  • How To Sing #1: Complete Vocal Warm-Ups and Voice Physiology
  • How To Sing #2: Increase Vocal Range and Blend Registers
  • How To Sing #3: Learn to Sing Harmonies

And she has a vocal warm-up video in her Ultimate Vocal Warm Up – Your Daily Singing Workout, which can help you out refine your singing voice.

Course Review

Currently, her courses are regarded as one of the best in Udemy, go here.

One of the things that make her stand out is that her courses contain a lot of content. There’s a lot to unpack, and you will definitely need to set a fixed amount of time to watch her lessons.

Also, she teaches in detail: in great great great detail. You would appreciate her lessons if you’re the type who prefers lessons to cover every nook and cranny. From what I saw, it seems that she’d be an excellent coach face to face. Teaching methods like that can only be done by patient teachers.

Let me tell you that coaching people to sing is a very frustrating job. I’ve encountered students who are a bit on the slow side. It’s not that they are stupid or talentless or anything, it’s just they are the ones who accumulated lousy singing habits. If you think you have a bad voice, it can be fixed with a patient coach.

Unlike teaching how to play musical instruments, say piano, you can guide them by hand. You can’t just shove your fingers down your student’s throat and tell them not to clamp it when they want to reach high notes.

To deal with that kind of student, you need to be patient and detailed. You need to teach them how to have full control of each and every organ required to sing well. You have to slowly teach them how to feel this or feel that. And you need to make them spend a lot of time practicing. Being a vocal coach is like being a potter who molds his students into perfection.

Coach Like A Potter

It’s not that I’m complaining. Those students are a challenge, and they’re the most rewarding and appreciative people. It’s rare for them to give up midway, and I can attest that they’re the ones who often get gigs. They’re a persistent bunch after all.

Anyway, I like her for being a stickler for details. You’ll see in her video that she tries to simplify everything that she knows will be complicated for learners to understand.

She’s also got some wit and humor in her. And she really sounds friendly. Price-wise, you’ll get more than you pay. For $11.99, you’ll get to have one course. If you get all of them, you’ll be spending around $48 or less.

A Bit of A Hiccup

I don’t know if you’ll find it challenging, but her accent can make it difficult for some people to understand her. Thankfully, her videos are accompanied by subtitles.

The quality of the presentation isn’t as consistent as other coaches. I’m guessing that video editing isn’t her forte, or she didn’t hire someone to do the job for her. In some of her videos, you’ll be mostly watching PowerPoint slides with her doing some voice-over work while she explains the lesson.

The slides often get zoomed in and out when she wants to explain a specific part. It’s not really pleasing, and it looks unprofessional. If I were to advise her, she would have instead created a separate slide for things she wants to zoom in her video.

Another thing to note is that the courses are intended for beginners. If you already had formal training or education in singing or music in general, I advise you to skip this.

On the other hand, her course is an excellent teaching material to copy. If you want to review your foundational training or you’re a vocal coach you can base your everyday lessons from her course. If I were still teaching, I’d grab her course outline, and I’d be using that for my lesson plans.

A Bit Of A Hiccup


Her words are worth their weight in gold. Frankly, I thought that her lessons were sketchy at first, given that the introduction videos weren’t well made, and she has the world entrepreneur on her bio page. I have a healthy dose of skepticism, by the way.

Nevertheless, all my doubts were cleared when I started viewing each video of her course. The presentation issue didn’t disappear, but the lessons themselves are the things beginners should hear and learn.

Moving forward, I definitely rate this an 8 out of 10. It would have been an easy 9 or even 10 if Roma let somebody work on her videos. I hope that you learn a lot from her.

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