Nathan Lawrence Review: Can He Make You A Better Singer?

Finding an online course to help you with singing basics is an easy task. But it becomes an arduous one if you add some specifics into your search. After all, we all want to make sure that we do everything right for the first time. It’s understandable.

This review is a course out of the ordinary because of its delivery. This may meet and match the criteria you’re looking for.

The Venerable Nathan Lawrence

Become a better singer: that’s the title of Nathan Lawrence’s main singing course and his promise to his students. Nathan Lawrence is one of the top instructors in the online learning platform, Udemy. One thing unique about him is that he’s a worship leader.

Worship Service
This Coach Has Considerable Amount of Experience From Singing In Hundreds Of Worship Services

He’s been a vocal and music coach for more than one decade and a half. He primarily focused on teaching one-on-one lessons before, and he’s exploring and has achieved success in online tutorials. His online students count, meanwhile, already surpassed 10,000. Without being exposed to the internet, that wouldn’t have been a reality on a one-on-one basis.

Some background information about him. He finished his Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from Saint Olaf College, which is located in Minnesota. When it comes to preferences and music style, he likes to mix classical style with modern contemporary techniques to make singing more fun and relaxed.

He also has recorded and helped produce music albums for the past few years.

Marketing and web presence wise, he isn’t that too visible. This makes it more fascinating than his courses are rated high in Udemy. Heck, even if you try to search his name on YouTube, it will return three Nathan Lawrences: a math teacher, a motorcyclist, and an inspirational speaker. And he’s not one of those.

This goes to show that despite his low-key presence on the Internet, his lessons are enough for people to notice how valuable his words are. It’s true; I’ve been speaking well about his course for a while now. But is it really that good? You’ll find out.

Become a Better Singer: Lessons & Exercises for All Levels

I got to say that out of all the people I’ve reviewed so far, excluding those with high profile backings and budget, he has a lovely video studio. He also uses a dark background in contrast to most who used white. Also, he didn’t use chroma key or green screen. And the lighting is spot on. You got one on top, front, left, and right. The only flaw is that he’s too near the background. This makes his shadows appear on the video as well.

When the video is an exercise, it will have a beautiful presentation with a cool blue background. It will include a notation with piano tones as a guide, and Nathan will sing with you. The teaching style is straightforward, detailed, organized, and seemingly follows a strict lesson plan. The pacing will be fast, even if the guy speaks slow.

His speaking voice is also relaxing. It’s not stern and sales-y. It’s like a friend is conversing and teaching you how to make a Facebook account for the first time. Also, he’s, I guess, too casual? I can go on and on about his teaching style and tone, but this definitely a course I will watch after a hard day’s work.

Course Length And Price

Price-wise, its regular price is around $149.99. But the platform is known to give a lot of massive discounts, which is almost permanent in the system. As of this review, it has a 93% discount, which effectively reduces the price to $9.99.

When it comes to course length, it is very much worth the price. All the videos combined will add up to almost three hours of content. There are 41 lectures, exercises included, that will keep you busy all throughout the month.

The content of these lessons is ideal for beginners and with people with a bit of experience performing. He will talk with you through the basics, and he will ensure that you get the fundamentals down to a T, with I’s dotted and T’s crossed.

Lastly, you won’t find this course anywhere else except for Udemy as of this writing, and as far as my researching skills go. Maybe Google isn’t giving me the right results because his name combination seems to be too common.

Child Singing
A Child, Given With The Right Amount Of Attention Span, Can Digest His Lessons, Too

It’s Somehow A Hard Sell

Let’s be realistic and understand that you can teach one material to all skill levels. And as I checked the course, it pains me to say that the title is misleading. But since you already checked this review, your expectations of what you’ll get from Nathan Lawrence should be perfectly sound now.

Next, his style of teaching can be improved upon. Yes, he’s not speaking stern or sound strict, but the way he’s too laser-focused on bringing out his knowledge can be impedimental. A bit of wit would help. Also, elaborating more on some musical terms or jargon would definitely help beginners, which this course is supposedly for.

So this part is preferential, but don’t watch his videos while you’re lying on the bed. I was supposed to post this review a while ago, but I always get delayed. The only time I can check the course is before I sleep. Unfortunately, Nathan Lawrence\s voice is slow, low, and calm. It’s almost like you’re taking antihistamines or sedatives.

Sleeping Girl With Headphones
It Was A Bit Challenging To Watch Everything With Both Eyes Open

Is It Worth It?

Yes, it is, for beginners, though. Nathan has some kinks to work on with his teaching style, but overall, I find him decent enough for this course. I can see that he’s not just making a quick buck with this program. And Nathan makes sure that his students are heard, and their concerns are addressed. He’s only one of the few that are responsive in their online accounts and review pages.

If I were to rate this course, it would be a 7 out of 10 stars. It’s up there, and your opinion may vary according to your skill level.

There you have it. If you want to take Nathan’s course now, click the link over here: Nathan Lawrence’s Become a Better Singer.

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