Learn How To Sing Online With Singdaptive: A Review

Learning how to be a professional singer or improving to be a decent performer becomes an arduous task when you get past the age of 20. It’s because of school, work, or family. I know it too well. I can’t spare time to visit a local karaoke bar or at least sing alone in my room because of my responsibilities and other commitments. And if I do find some time, there’s a high chance my body’s wasted ‘cause of stress and fatigue.

On top of that, searching online for a viable singing course would add to that stress due to tons of choices out there. Hey, you guessed it right. I’m here to relieve that pressure from you. I’m going to help you here onward.

I must admit that I’ve been cheating a bit and taking short breaks away from writing to maintain my sanity. While having one of those short breathers, I received an email invitation from a company named Singdaptive to try and check out its service. They might have noticed my site or so I thought.

What I Snooped

I’ve never heard about this company, so I decided to check it out last week and put it all together for you. I found out that it’s a relatively new online academy, similar to SkillShare and Udemy. If you’re unfamiliar with them, I’d suggest checking them out as well. Still, Singdaptive.com focuses on teaching and developing musicians, particularly vocalists.

I discovered that it was founded around July 2018 by three Canadians and one guy from the UK. I find it interesting that I’ve never heard of them before, ‘which in my recollection, singing is not going to lose its popularity real soon. That’s good news, a new means of learning only benefits you as an aspiring and upcoming singer. I know my site’s reasonably young, but I’ve been around on the web talking about these services in forums and social media.

So, I delved deeper. The website was established around late 2017; at the same time, its blog started rolling out. I’m guessing that the service’s planning and preparation phases are over, and it just started marketing and operating this year.

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What Welcomed Me

It seemed that almost two years of preparation were not in naught. Good to know, right? You don’t want to jump into a fly-by-night online singing course without its solid foundational core and end up being sucked in with your hard-earned resource. Holding back on prematurely entering the industry was quite impressive. Hooray Singdaptive! I looked around the site and consciously avoided the website trailer. Instead, I looked for the “About Us” page and wormed around the Team section.

Sixteen individuals sprung out from the page. They were specialists in various aspects of the entertainment industry—from session artists to recording engineers. I clicked on all their pictures and skimmed on their profiles. I wish I could write everything that I saw, but I digress. But to summarize, each and every one of them is either well-known locally or achieved accolades within their states. They’re not celebrities, but they were professionals.

At the bottom, I saw the founders of the company/website. They were composed of an educator, a session instructor, a developer, and a consultant. All have a solid background in music, and they aren’t some random marketers who teamed up to earn a few bucks. These founders have the right qualifications to run a service like this. I instantly reckoned that they’ve cooked up a service with the benefit of musicians in mind… or did they?

You can check those people here: Singdaptive Instructors.

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The Copy

Knowing who runs the show and the background of the company, the site, and the people students deal with as they sign up, I came back to the front page to watch the video trailer or the site’s marketing copy.

The trailer provides an overview of what you can expect from the service. Primarily, it presses on the site’s main selling point: it doesn’t matter what your career path is. As long as it involves singing, you can benefit from Singdaptive.

And I completely get and understand how it’ll work out. You remember the 16 specialists I mentioned a while ago? They will be your instructors if you haven’t connected the dots yet. They will cover and teach everything you need regardless if you want to become a singing star, a good choir member, or a renowned YouTube cover artist. They can cover the artisanal, technical, medical, theoretical, and even holistic subjects to ensure you can achieve your goal. Whoa! A smorgasbord for singers. I’ll take that anytime.

Becoming a member allows you to have full access to all of those lessons. And you don’t even need to look and check each lesson to know what you need. You can take advantage of their Singer Path feature, it’s kinda like a survey that will profile you and recommend the instructors and video lessons you need. What a neat and unique way to make sure the instructor and student are a good fit for each other.

By the way, you should also know that the amount of content that they have is vast. And they continually generate new topics monthly, which makes the service an endless stream of knowledge for you.

Free Basic Account

It sounds like I’m harping too much on Singdaptive, but let me tell you another fascinating thing about the service. You can sign in for free! Yep, you read that right. The free basic account will allow you to access the Singing In Isolation course, practice journal, “action feature,” and quizzes. Hmm, I’ll take it just for that.

If you decide not to sign up, you can still take advantage of the Singdaptive blog. It’s a win-win situation, I see. That section of the site alone will provide you with lots of information on how to improve your singing skills. Trust me; it’s a lot. It has at least three years’ worth of content.

However, I recommend that you just sign up for the premium service. It’s only $9.9 a month, and you can cancel anytime. You can access everything the site offers and any future lessons that it will upload.

Quality of Lessons

So, I tried a few of the lessons the site has. Here are my findings:

  1. The production quality is excellent. You’re not going to watch or learn through amateurish videos.
  2. Lessons are structurally linear. I don’t know who makes the lessons. It may be the instructor or one of the founders whose profession falls under education or consultancy. What I can say is that the lessons are adequately outlined regardless of who the instructor is.
  3. In relation to 1 and 2, the instructors don’t just mumble around. They are straight to the point. They exude a classroom environment mood.
  4. The lessons are on point. I’ve taught some of the topics they covered myself.
  5. There’s redundancy. One instructor sometimes partially covers the topic of another instructor. If you don’t like the instructor you’re learning from, you can learn the lesson you want from another.
Video QA
Either They Wrote The Lessons Or Heavily Curated Them


Okay. Almost everything has been positive so far. It’s a worthwhile investment for your singing skills. And you can actually benefit from its offerings. The only concern left is their promise.

Despite what I said throughout this review, we can’t just ignore that this is a new service. It indeed has boatloads of content; however, the service is subscription-based. There will be a point in time that you’ll run out of lessons to view, unless of course, if you haven’t implemented the concepts just yet, you might have to keep going over them until they’ve become second nature to you.

After all, despite having high-quality instructors and lessons, you probably won’t need them all. For example, once you consume all videos on singing, there’s no need to consume lessons about sound engineering. Unless your goal is to be a jack of all trades, instead of gaining expertise by focusing on one, by all means, go for it.

Nonetheless, that’s still a problem in the future. Thankfully, Singdaptive is generous enough to not lock your subscription. You can cancel anytime, which gives you little or no risk at all.

In a Nutshell

The company’s been around, but the service is still relatively new. It makes me think that the reason behind its fees being astoundingly inexpensive is that they want to grow its client base fast despite offering high-quality service. I’m predicting that once it reaches its quota or gets its investment back, there will be a massive change in its pricing.

If you’re an aspiring singer who feels you hit a dead end because of “life,” there’s still hope, and it can be through Singdaptive. It’s a service that costs little, requires little commitment, and can be accessed through your phone and computer without you needing to go outside and visit a studio.

Searching for singing courses online requires reading numerous pages of multiple sites and countless wasted hours. I have given you here my take on Singdaptive.com to guide you through this course. Now, let me know what you think of it once you’ve gone through it yourself.

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