MIxpad Multitrack Recording SoftwareA basic digital audio workstation that’ll allow your friend to make his first single.
Acid Music Studio Version CreativeThis program is feature rich but easy to use. Ideal for people who’re not that tech-savvy.
MAGIX Music Maker Premium PossibilitiesAn ideal app for singers who want to have accompaniment without a band.
Crescendo Notation Software Composing DownloadThis makes notating easier. Useful for singers who want to sing songs in the most accurate tune as possible.
Propellerhead Reason Music Production SoftwareAn excellent musical tool to make simple instrumental tracks for a solo singer.
PreSonus Studio Artist Recording SoftwareIf tyou’re friend’s craving to unleash his musical creativity, this is the right program for him.
Beat Making Music Software PackA simple app rappers around the world would love to have.
Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Home StudioA great alternative to Mac’s GarageBand program. Easy to use and inexpensive to boot.
Adobe Audition recording Subscription auto renewalThis is within the realm of professional music production. Consider carefully before getting the subscription.