Neewer Adjustable Absorbing Microphone High DensityGive your loud but lovely singer roommate this to keep your sanity in check.
BONAOK Bluetooth Microphone Christmas SmartphoneLet him enjoy his free time by having a portable karaoke microphone. He can sing his favorite songs whenever wherever.
ZINGYOU Microphone BM 800 Double layer BroadcastingThe BM-800 is a popular budget friendly condenser microphone. It’s good for recording and vlogging.
Professional Microphone microphones Podcasting dual layerHelp your friend started with his career by giving this microphone ideal for recording professional level songs.
Blue Yeti USB Microphone MidnightThis is your artist friend’s dream. Thankfully, it’s not that expensive!
Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic MicrophoneIf your friend’s going to become a recording artist, giving this is the best way you can support him.
Recording Microphone ZealSound Condenser GaragebandIt’s rugged and ideal for vocalists starting a new band.
Neewer Professional Broadcasting Microphone AdjustableThis microphone is versatile. Use it for radio broadcast, podcast, live streaming, singing, and recording.
TONOR Microphone Handheld Compatible ActivityReplace your old friend’s karaoke microphone with this one.
ZINGYOU Microphone BM 800 Double layer BroadcastingThe standard budget microphones for beginners who want to sound more professional.
Shure SM48 LC Dynamic Microphone CardioidDefinitely a must buy for a singer who’s starting to get gigs on his own.
BONAOK Bluetooth Microphone Christmas SmartphoneIdeal for recording practice sessions on a smartphone.
PHILIPS Dynamic Microphone Singing ControlA high end microphone for singing and recording.
Condenser Recording Microphone Broadcast ComputerAn ideal microphone for live streaming your singing prowess on the web.
Microphone UHURU Professional Windscreen BroadcastingYou get a whole set of everything to record, sing, and stream.
Microphone MAONO AU A04T Condenser StreamingIt’s an inexpensive mid tier microphone good for begginners.