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Eric Arceneaux’s fame started with his YouTube. I still remember that a few years ago, I was watching his videos. He was teaching people about basic vocalization techniques when his channel was still new. He took his videos in his apartment. A gray wall behind him and his piano in front. That was 10 or 12 years ago? I can’t recall.

It was just recently that I remembered him because I started reviewing online singing teachers. As I crawled around the web for information, I never expected him to be covered by national media such as The Discovery Network, A&E, MTV, and USA Today.

This was the video, wherein I saw and heard of him the for the first time.

Things have slightly changed fast. He’s now considered one of the top coaches in the online teaching world. I do know that he’s been a coach for local artists near him, and his range and expertise allowed him to teach singers on stage, television, Broadway, and even small-time celebrities.

It’s the first time I’ve heard of his program, the AAproach. It stands for the Arceneaux Approach. According to his website, it’s already helped around 100,000 singers all around the world. The specification of the course explicitly says that the approach was a mix of traditional and modern singing techniques. Involving “cutting-edge science” and the “buildup of old but effective accumulated wisdom.”

What we’ll review today is his courses in Udemy. He has three:

  • Breathing Bootcamp for Singers
  • Elite Singing Techniques: Phase 1
  • Elite Singing Techniques: Phase 2

All are rated and reviewed very well, on-site, and off-site. They are also priced decently (around the $90 and $99 mark). Since we got the necessary background information down, let’s proceed with all the positive things I can say about his courses.

Eric Arceneaux

The Key Strengths of Arceneaux’s Program

Despite the name of his courses, they are well-suited for beginners. In reality, this video course is only the best option for you if you can’t afford to have Eric as your online or offline vocal coach. It’s designed to be a compact and condensed version of his AAproach.

And that’s not a bad thing. Despite being only a video course, you can still learn a lot from it and have a grasp on what his AAproach is. But I’d be honest that the AAproach isn’t something like a groundbreaking approach. It’s just an excellent way to organize how you teach and train yourself to become a better singer.

For example, the first course named breathing boot camp teaches the following:

  • Rapid voice strengthening
  • Voice injury prevention
  • Singing with power and confidence
  • Singing from the diaphragm
  • Voice control
  • How to sound like a professional

Every exercise involved in this course is only focused on breathing and your diaphragm. You won’t vocalize much, and you won’t need to deal with scales. From a veteran singer’s standpoint, it’s as basic as you can get. This is the fundamental training every aspiring artist should do before doing or learning anything else.

Truth tells, this phase of voice training can be the most tedious and dreary of them all. Thankfully, Eric knows it and keeps you

company well. And he doesn’t dully bore you to death. You’ll be fed information nonstop to keep your brain working while you’re just doing breathing exercises.

AAproach Courses

We now move on with the second course, which is Elite Singing Techniques: Phase 1. For experienced singers, I suggest that you skip this. For new ones, take this up. This is mostly composed of practice materials you need to develop your singing voice.

About the third course, Elite Singing Techniques: Phase 2, this is where everything gets more exciting and the AAproach shine. You will learn how to become an efficient singer. The course will allow you to sing hours a day without ruining your voice and maintaining consistent voice quality.

It will also help you improve the use of your vocal cords, diaphragm, and the three pharynxes. And again, if you’re a new singer, it’s a must that you finished Phase 1 first before you go here. The jargon and terms he uses in this course can confuse you a lot, and a lot of them were covered in the first phase.

Something Unexpected

In terms of presentation, the videography is clean. It’s definitely an upgrade compared to his YouTube videos. However, it’s a bit inexcusable to think that the courses are worth $99 each, which equates to almost $300.

I hate to compare most of my reviews to MasterClass when it comes to presentation and cost, but it can’t be helped. With almost the same price for each course, you can get a renowned teacher from MasterClass and masterfully done video presentations. Also, that price can allow you to have an all-access pass to every course.

It’s a small nitpick, and just a little thing that put my expectations down. Nonetheless, content is everything. And his course delivered.

Eric Arceneaux

To Sum It All Up

Again, this course is an alternative to the real thing. If you want to have Eric Arceneaux coach you, feel free to contact him on his website. On the other hand, if you wish to test the waters or learn his teachings online instead of having him (or one of his instructors) coach you, then go ahead and get this from Arcenaux’s Udemy page.

I’m glad that he made it far in his career as a coach. I don’t know him personally, and he doesn’t know me. But I watched him on YouTube during a time when I was still teaching singing on the side. Could I have done the same thing and produce the same result?

I’m not regretting anything, but it would be a great idea if I was able to help more aspiring singers to become professionals through direct coaching. Nevertheless, I still have this site, and through this, I hope that I can teach you and direct you on who and where you can learn more.


  1. Where is Eric Arceneaux from? Is he from Haiti? When I looked him up long time ago, it seemed like I saw some information that indicated, that he was from Haiti. In seeing his his website, even recently it looks like he has a good program. I wanted ti learn more about who he was. Is he married, or has children. And if he’s not married, does he have a girlfriend? One other thing, can someone choose the coach or instructor from Eric’s team they want, I know by paying for it, or does someone half to take the instructor their assigned? Say I or someone, the student, wants to have Eric as the instructor, and not necessarily the other intructors, can they do that, so another words, go directly to Eric Arceneaux for their teaching?

    1. Hi David,

      Your interest in knowing more about Eric is commendable indicating your inclination toward this artist. However, I didn’t really immerse myself to that side of him, at least at this point.

      About the latter part of your question, I saw that he’s only currently taking group lessons at this time and not individual. Perhaps of the fact that he’s in demand as a voice coach/teacher. Here is his website if you are interested:

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