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I get that most new singers want to learn how to sing pop and RnB songs, but I know that some of you out there want to learn how to sing rock, metal, and grunge. To be honest, I started to like rock much later in my life. I listen to soft rock and songs from famous bands, but I never got to love the heavier ones when I was older than the general audience for such songs.

Mind you that I tend to gravitate towards the technicality of rock and metal songs. Some of you might not like how those songs are sung, but if you took out the vocals, the melodies and riffs of those songs are astounding and bone-chilling.

The bands behind rock vocalists were my gateway. Since it’s bothersome to just acquire instrumentals of the song I liked, I learned to appreciate grunge and metal singers. I tried to sing a few covers, but it was impossible for me.

Long story short, this course and coach is an excellent find. This will be the second time I’d encounter a coach that teaches under this genre. The first one was Robert Lunte. And unsurprised, the coach today is actually one of Lunte’s students.

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Draven Grey

His name alone screams coolness. The ones who named him when he just got out into this world knew that his career would gravitate to arts and greatness. And his beard and goatee are just complete tell-tale signs that this guy lives like a rockstar.

Draven Grey is a full-time musician, music director, and coach. He has experience onstage and backstage and has opened for many high-profile artists and bands. And he’s been in the industry for three decades.

He started his career as a music director in the 90s. He has been involved in the creation of music for films, games, and television shows. In 2018, he recently acquired a TVS certification and started focusing on creating online courses for both singers and instrumentalists.

He has five popular courses:

  • Rock Singing: The Complete Voice Training
  • Extreme Singing and Screaming
  • Your Band Doesn’t Need a Record Deal
  • Quit Your Job Survival Guide
  • What They Don’t Tell You About Your Music Career

In this review, we will focus on the first one, Rock Singing: The Complete Voice Training.

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Let’s Rock!

Draven collaborated with Robert Lunte for this course, so you’ll get double the fun and knowledge. Let me tell you upfront that this isn’t your regular course wherein you need to make do for two to three hours’ worth of content for the price of $99 ($9.99 discounted). This course has around eight hours of video content. It’s divided into 63 lectures and categorized into nine sections. You get all that for only $199 ($18.99 discounted).

Note that the discounts are basically promotions. If a promotion is running, you’ll get an offer for less than the original price. In this case, if you go to his page now as of this posting, you can get the course for only $18.99.

The things you will learn in this course isn’t just techniques, theory, or style. Draven will always insert some of his experience as a musician. These stories can give you insight on how to survive if you want to solely focus on your singing career. Honestly, his path as a professional is terrifying. He learned to take music more seriously after his brother attempted to commit suicide multiple times.

Teaching Style

Let me talk about that aspect of his course for a bit more. So, unlike the other coaches online, he’s the most human I’ve ever watched. Most of the people I reviewed are just plain stiff. It’s not that I’m saying it’s a bad thing—they’re there to teach you after all.

But this makes Draven a cut out from the rest. He always keeps the audience engaged through his anecdotes, which are timely, appropriate, and relevant. Truth be told, my first impression of him and his course is that it’ll be just a tremendous dude talking with elevated levels of decibels, and he’ll be a bit crude. And it didn’t help that I saw Robert Lunte as a collaborator. I mean, that dude is rough and loud, a personality he exudes.

I was surprised that Draven was actually a sensible guy while teaching. He makes sure that you aren’t also bored with all the technical details he’s spewing out. That’s a massive plus for me. I really like teachers with a well-rounded attitude and who talks and teaches like you’re just having a good conversation over a cup of coffee.

Aside from the stories, he also brings out the emotional and romantic aspects of singing. It was refreshing to hear those parts from him. Also, he smiles while he talks.



If you aren’t familiar with Robert Lunte’s The Vocalist Studio methodology, it’s an innovative approach to singing developed mostly for rock, metal, and grunge singers. It focuses on training your voice as an athlete. And the expected result is that you can sing effortlessly with reduced chances of getting injured with it.

Know that singing in those genres is very demanding. I’m sure you know how difficult it is to growl, scream, and add grit to your voice. Amateurs who are forced to do those things either end up vomiting, losing their voice, or even make their throats bleed.

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You Can’t Sing Without Letting Out Some Emotions

Anyway, the biggest weakness I have with Lunte’s teachings is that everything is very alien to me. He created terminologies that I’m unfamiliar with. And it took a while before I understood how his teachings work. Basically, if you’re not a clean slate, Lunte’s singing methods can confuse or hinder your growth.

However, even if Draven’s course’s underlying methodology is from Lunte’s, he modified it with his own experience and what he had learned. The result is that everything is easier to understand. He also mixes some traditional techniques in the course despite marketing his class to be different from classical singing teachings.


Everything’s bright and crisp. Draven shoots on location, and he doesn’t wholly rely on a script. It makes his course organic and not look like an attempt to just score some easy money from people.

He also addresses the uniqueness of his students. He instructs them on how to ingest his lesson, which makes things smoother. Sometimes, he even guides the viewers to skip content if he believes that they are good enough to move forward to an advanced lecture. He doesn’t treat his students as if they’re complete newbies in singing.

Flaws I Saw

The only flaw here is that it’s geared towards a subset of singers: rock vocalists. To be fair, the rock scene is diverse, and you’re free to use what you can learn here in other genres. Nonetheless, it would be great for him to add a new course and design a broader course for aspiring professional singers.

The Finding

In general, it’s either you get this course or Robert Lunte’s. They are primarily the two choices you have if you mainly want to become a good singer in the rock and roll industry. In my opinion, I would instead get this first before you take on Robert’s The Vocalist Studio.

With all of that said, head over here to take this course: Complete Online Rock Singing Course: Daven Grey.

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