Christina Aguilera Masterclass Review – Take it or Leave It?

No aspiring singer worth his salt who doesn’t know Christina Aguilera. Social media isn’t even a thing then, but she got her name renowned across the world due to her sheer talent.

She burst into the scene in the 90s and had made a solid reputation in the music industry. When I first heard this young lady, I said, “Wow! Where does all that electrifying power and agility come from? She wasn’t that famous at the time. In just a few years she’s earned national attention with the likes of future stars as Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and many others. She has won multiple accolades, and in recent years she served as a judge in the singing contest, “The Voice”.

Folks, what is this Christina Aguilera Masterclass Review about and why am I writing about it here? Hang in there with me a bit because I’m going to uncover something you might want to check out by the end of this post.

A few days ago, a colleague showed me a website called In this website, 45+ famous and successful celebrities disclose their expertise through masterclasses online. I guarantee that you would recognize a couple of them here:

  • Gordon Ramsey – cooking
  • Stephen Curry – Basketball
  • Spike Lee – Filmmaking
  • Garry Kasparov – Chess
  • Serena Williams – Tennis
  • Steve Martin – Comedy
  • Samuel Jackson – Acting
  • And many others.

Today, I want to introduce to you Christina Aguilera on her Singing Masterclass. Would you say, she has earned all the rights to become a mentor in this area? I bet she has, and she shares her techniques and singing secrets in this course. A no-nonsense approach to finding yourself singing with power, agility, versatility and much confidence.

Let’s take a look.

23 Lessons to Work With – Let’s Take a Peak?

Christina Aguilera’s class is comprised of 23 total lessons, with daily workbook downloads that contain a suggested class schedule to last for 6 weeks. This includes voice lessons and exercises.

In these lessons, she tackles how to break your fears in singing high notes and nailing them as you build your range. She goes on a bit about some of the health benefits of singing.

As we know, she gets high up there with so much confidence that you can ever imagine. In my years of singing myself and listening to others, this is one of the main reasons singers sound weak and cracking in the high registers because of the lack of preparation (practice) and overall confidence in their abilities.

This is also crucial in choosing which songs you’re able to sing as you progress. Without the high notes, you’re only limited within the lower ranges.

In these lessons, she walks you through vocal warm-ups and exercises that she uses at the studio before a recording, or at the backstage before live performances.

In other areas in the course, she approaches the techniques to allow emotional connections with your listeners, learn voice placement and posture, playing with textures and tones, like the gritty growl, to add new dimensions to a performance. All this demonstrates an attitude that can transform the total character or style of music you’re portraying.

Use the Tools Provided – They Will Keep You on Track

The lessons come with an app made for determining your vocal range. You need to download this on your mobile phone to track your range as you progress through the class daily.

Apart from the app, you will get a 47-page workbook that allows you to get a summary of what you have learned from the lessons. It is a downloadable material that you can keep for as long as singing is still in your heart. With this workbook, you can go back to the lessons and exercises whenever you feel like it.

It’s awesome to have the workbook and the app to consistently practice until you have mastered what you have learned.

Not Learning from Her Mistakes is the Mistake

Lesson 12 and 13 are beneficial for those who are looking forward to performing in duets, what to look for in a partner, and the necessary skills needed to work together as one.

You will learn that mistakes can happen on stage, even to her and how to overcome them.

During the entirety of the course, you will pick up golden nuggets of truth and wisdom from her, and these are things that she learned the hard way through the course of her career.

Singing Masterclass – a Verdict

There’s a lot more she tapped on than we can contain in one post here, but it’s high time to check out for yourself at

Christina is an accomplished singer, but she should not be held accountable for her mathematics. At the beginning of the lessons, she said that technique is a quarter of the whole journey, but 100% of it is about your passion.  That is exactly what I have been saying in some of my previous posts if you’ve gone through some of them.

Well, that is 125%, right?

Kidding aside, one question you might be thinking is, how effective is it? Well, you will be paying $90 for a single course if you do not go with the annual package of $180 which is an “All Access”, meaning, unlimited access to every class taught by the other 44 of the world’s greatest minds.

Do you really think you can achieve so much with 3.5 video hours (23 lessons) and a 47-page workbook?

Only you can tell.

The fact is that you can’t afford to pay Christina Aguilera for a one-on-one lesson, can you? The last time I paid for a lesson was about $65 for 45 minutes and that was a bargain then. Now, you will have an opportunity to hear what she has learned over many years—secrets and techniques that helped bring her to the pedestal where she stands now.

If you gained something of value from this, you’re free to share it with a friend who loves to sing.  And, if you have any questions, feel free to ask away in the comment box below.  I’d be glad to help out.


  1. Thank you for sharing about masterclass. I have never heard of that website. It sounds like a great value for the information that you will receive. It’s even a great price for the all-access pass. 

    There are so many experts on the website I can’t believe all the knowledge on that page. Also 23 classes. That’s a lot of content! I will be checking this out for sure. I’m not a singer, but I will check out some of the other options.

    Thanks for writing about this website.

    1. Hello Nancy,

      I totally agree with you.  The first time I saw the website, I said to my self, “for real?” These people don’t need to do this.  They already have enough money doing what they’re already doing.  Then, I thought, wait a minute, they love their trade and sharing it with other people is rewarding, I’m sure. They can make more somewhere else or just keep doing what they’ve been doing since the beginning.  

      Stephen Curry in basketball, for instance, makes 40.2 million dollars per year in the next 5 years playing on the court. What more could he ask for? 

      It’s wonderful that we can hear how they did it. Aguilera, on the other hand, has a lot to say about singing because she’s unlocked the key to capturing the audience in all her performances, an incredible success story.

      Thank you for dropping by Nancy and I hope you come by again.  

  2. Hello,I have read the whole review about this information.This is an excellent information about Christina Agulera who teaches singing.Now-a- days song is a common thing in our life.I think it is good for us.It removes our tierdness.Christina Agulera Master Class Review is very important information for us.I think most of the people like this post.Thanks for sharing this information article.

    1. Hello.  Thank you for stopping by.  Everyone has a song in their heart.  We’ll just need to do the actual act of singing it out. Try to sing some tunes in the morning before you do your day’s work or your job, I believe there’ll be a certain lift day and a positive mood while you work.

      Have a wonderful day.  If you have any questions about singing in general, feel free to visit here again and I’ll be happy to help you out.

  3. Hi! I just wanted to say that I really wanted to take the classes. I love Christina Aguilera and the other artist. I have even been in The Voice when it first started but didn’t make it through enough because i was not fully equipped and formed. My problem is that I cannot afford the $180 fee at once. I would love if there were a possibility to pay it monthly. If so, please let me know and I will definitely sign up!

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