ArtistWorks Vocal Course Jeannie Deva Review

Unlike the other online educational platforms that I have covered, ArtistWorks is solely focused on music. You can learn to play the ukulele, banjo, and sing on this website. Today, we’re going to set our sights on its dedicated singing course: ArtistWorks Vocal School.

The price is almost as low as Jacob Vocal Academy. Still, the presentation, organization, and quantity of lessons in this vocal school outmatch JVA.

A Diva That Can Grant Wishes?

The instructor you’ll have is Jeannie Deva. The name sounds fake, and it seems like it’s a punny pseudonym. Upon further research, this woman’s one heck of a superstar in the voice coaching scene. And it’s understandable. Superstars don’t thank their voice coaches on stage or in the record.

Yes! Her clients are the best in the world and are prominent in Hollywood. Some of them are Amy Winehouse, The Cars, The Rolling Stones, and even Aerosmith! Just knowing she taught the Rolling Stones will guarantee her life will swarm with voice coaching offers!

Keith Richards
Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones

But it doesn’t stop her. She’s actually a member of the Grammy’s committee before, music producer, and a recognized author. She also has a series of vocal warmups and lesson CDs up for sale. I will definitely check that one of these days.

I guess that’s enough for now. There’s much to talk about the instructor. Unfortunately, I should focus on the course that ArtistWorks collaborated with her.

A Short Bit About ArtistWorks

ArtistWorks has three packages for each lesson by default. It has a self-paced, adult beginner, and certification course. This vocal lesson is under the first one, which is self-paced. This means that it won’t be live, won’t be interactive, and you’re free to how much content you take and absorb throughout the subscription.

If other lessons interest you, you can opt for a fixed monthly plan. ArtistWorks has three: 3-month-plan, 6-month-plan, and the 12-month-plan. The longer the package you choose, the cheaper the fee gets, and the more bonuses you can have. By the way, some of the rewards don’t apply to specific courses.

How I Can Say That It Contains Top Quality Voice Lessons

The course is organized in 16 sections. It starts with the introduction and ends with group harmonization. Each of these sections contains lessons and exercises. If I’m not serious about singing, the length of this course will definitely make me crazy. But I’m not, and I loved every second of the videos and lessons provided to me.

It’s just $29 for a full month’s access! I know that I said it’s cheap, but it actually isn’t. The length of the lessons will take you at least two to three months. Except that you’ll spend at least $58 to fully consummate and learn everything that Jeannie Deva has poured into this course. Also, I know this is too early to say in this review, but you should keep the subscription for a third month for you to take advantage of the exercise videos.

Personality and presentation-wise, I like Jeannie Deva. It’s not because she’s a renowned coach. I watched samples of the courses and her videos scattered around the web before I knew her position in the industry.

Unlike most young coaches, she was a relief to hear. She doesn’t get that time-is-running-out-better-make-this-quick vibe from her. She speaks at a pace that’s slower than the average guy having a friendly talk with you. I always believe that when you teach, you need to strike a perfect balance when it comes to your talking speed. Just imagine how was she able to time a wild Amy Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse’s Bronze Statue in Camden Town, London

You don’t need to talk lethargically slow that can make your listeners fall asleep, and you don’t need to speak fast that can make your students can’t keep up. I can watch the lessons without ‘rewinding.’ It’s also worth noting that every sentence she says isn’t full of fluff. I believe that they made a solid script for her to ensure that the students will get more than they paid for.

Some of the Things I Noticed In a Negative Light

This isn’t an inherent flaw, but mostly a missed opportunity. I would be willing to pay a bit more if Jeannie Deva allowed a bit of personal interaction through a video call. It doesn’t have to be lengthy. It’s just, you know, she’s one of the best vocal coaches in the world. Vocal coaches are prized for how they handle each of their students uniquely.

Sure, she has a structured method on how to make a singer perform at is best. But hearing some feedback on your progress at least one or two times would significantly quicken the learning process. I know, I know. She’s busy with her commitments, and she’s a high profile person after all.

Aside from that, the presentation of the lessons are excellent, I’ve talked about that too much. But one thing that saddens me is the outdated production of the videos. One look at it and you’ll know that it wasn’t recently made. With MasterClass setting the standards of videography when it comes to online classes, I believe other educational platforms should follow suit. Even free YouTube videos have better quality than this.

At the end of it all, we all know that we’re going to pay a measly amount for the knowledge and guidance from the industry’s best. It’s sad we wanted more and could’ve gotten it. In light of this, I might check out Jeannie Deva’s program on her site next.

Steven Tyler
Hope That She Rocks Your World


Penny, for a penny, the online course of Jeanie Deva in ArtistWorks is definitely a steal. The length of the lessons exceeds expectations. The quality and pacing of the instructor won’t make you sleep drooling or scratch your hair out because it’s too fast.

I said some prospects about how it could have upped the production value, and people could have paid more if that were done and still praise the course’s cost per dollar spent.

To end this review, here is a link to Jeannie Deva’s ArtistWorks course. I haven’t checked the other instrumental lessons on the site, but I have already planned a few other reviews to tackle. But if you think you want me to take a shot at those, just hit me up in the comment section below.

As an aside, if you want to learn and improve your singing skills, you can check out some of my articles/lessons. You can start with some singing tips I published a while ago.


  1. Great post. I purchased the lesson based on your review. I researched why you aren’t able to interact with Jeannie and it appears that she passed in 2016 of cancer.

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