Adam Mishan: Can A Tone Deaf Guy Teach You How To Sing?

The best time for you to start seriously training your singing skills and voice is when you become an adolescent with puberty hitting you hard. Even if you don’t have the genes or the talent, a good coach or singing teacher can turn that around as long as you are still young. I can attest to that.

I started singing around when I was a child, and I had both formal and informal training when I was an adolescent. I pushed my training to my college days, and I was able to reach a certain peak in my singing that even brought me to the international stage.

Now, you might think it’s already too late for you to learn and improve your singing skills. As they say, you can’t teach an old dog a new trick. However, this coach begs to differ. And I’m sure that he’ll be the right fit for you and prove you wrong.

Adam Mishan YouTube
He Simply Started By Uploading His Covers On YouTube

Presenting to You: Adam Mishan

His story is similar to a ‘rags to riches story.’ Approximately 12 years ago, he sucked at singing. He’s off-tune, can’t reach pitches higher than D4, and his voice is shaky at best.

But he decided that he wants to become a better singer. Despite being already a young adult, he persevered. He took both online and offline singing courses. He practiced every day. He also recorded himself to check on his progress.

Fast-forward today, he compiled most of the recordings he made into one video. He uploaded it on YouTube, and it became his key to popularity. There, you’ll be able to see his improvements for the past 10 years. It was a fantastic watch.

The next videos he posted only cemented how much improvement he gained.

After reaching his goal, he decided to share the things he learned to others. And that’s why we’re here. I’m going to check if he’s a good teacher as he was a student.

A Month to Get Better

The main course’s title is 30 Days to a Better Singing Voice. It sounds familiar. Yeah. A lot of online classes are using 30 days as the primary selling point. Most probably because of Roger Love’s online course’s success.

However, it isn’t the only one that Adam has. He also has two gender-specific beginner programs for guys and gals. And lastly, he has a specific course to solve tone-deafness. In this review, I’ll be focusing on 30 Days to a Better Singing Voice.

Course Content Quality

The course is organized into seven sets of lectures. The first set is the course introduction, while the rest are split on five-day lessons, completing 30 days. Almost 90% of this course is made of exercises and training audio.

You can expect that little of the science, theory, and traditional singing techniques are covered. To be honest, it’s more about training a student on the most common and challenging vocalizations. If I were to come up with a quick summary of this course, it would be a crash course to make your body know how to sing better. So, forget about mental learning in formal settings where some of you don’t have the time and energy for it anyway.

This makes the course unique. Both complete beginners and some advanced level singers can benefit from it. The sad part about this style of this teaching is that it can be unsatisfying for those who seek fundamental knowledge when it comes to singing.

It’s like a do it now ask later program. Nonetheless, I assure you that this works as long as you grind on the exercises and get used to them fast according to the pace.

Practice Practice Practice
It’s All About Training and Practice


His age speaks when it comes to presentation. There are a lot of jump cuts, catchy (and almost overused background garage band music), centered bold text, and clean-cut animations in his videos. He’s a YouTuber alright, and it’s an advantage. He knows how to display information and present himself on the camera. Not to mention that the video is shot in a good camera, and has been recorded in high definition. You can even see his rough stubbles in the edges of his beard.

The way he presents the lessons makes it a whole lot easier to see his edutainment value. Unfortunately, not all videos in the course are given care and attention to details.

Price and Duration

The original price is around $199.99. Why don’t people just stop with the 9’s since it’s already common sense and people already know better? Sorry for that sudden rant. As usual, the course is at a quasi-permanent discount (95%), which can make you get this course for only $9.99.

All in all, there are at least 50 lectures/exercises in this course. The total duration is 2h21m, which gives you a good insight into how much training you’ll get and need to cram in a month. There’s no rush, though. Nobody’s watching and grading you, so you can deviate from the set pace.

The Clincher

He teaches as if you’re just talking directly to him. Face to face, with no instruments and overlay pictures. In my opinion, it’s a bit on the weak side of teaching, primarily online.

I know he can edit videos, and he knows well how to make visually appealing graphics on video. Why would he skimp on fully taking advantage of a video lesson and just teach with just his face on the camera? And unlike Nathan Lawrence, who I reviewed previously with beautiful practice videos, his practice videos are only audio and text with a black background.

And one last thing, hear the skeptic in me, please. As much as I want to completely believe his transformation video, I actually put a grain of salt on it. After all, the video is an incomplete presentation.

First, when he was terrible at singing, all he had was audio and old pictures of him. A video clip could have been a foolproof way, but we will never know if he just recorded a lousy cover to imply he was really that bad. A good singer can sing badly if he wants to.

Also, I share the belief that you can sing better with training even if you’re tone-deaf. It doesn’t take 10 years; a year of passionate and formal training can show noticeable changes in just six months. You can perform in front of a large crowd in two years, given that you have the confidence.

His transformation video showed that he got better in the fourth year. And it’s kind of funny that he’s offering people to improve in just 30 days.

Jewish Singer
He Sings In Services Too

Let’s Make A Sweet End for This

The only difference between a talented singer and a tone-deaf hopeful singer is the amount of effort and time to spend before achieving anything. Adam Mishan’s journey isn’t unique. I know many people who needed to struggle long and hard before they became better at this ‘craft.’ And let me tell you a little secret; they often end up in a better place compared to the talented ones I knew. It’s all about attitude guys. That’s the key if you want to overcome a detriment and achieve success.

Anyway, I got sidetracked a bit. To sum up Mishan’s course, it’s more of a muscle memory training. You can benefit from this if you already have the fundamentals checked (e.g., breathing techniques, awareness of registers, etcetera).

As usual, if I was able to pique your interest in checking or getting this course, don’t hesitate to visit his page: Adam Mishan’s 30-Days for a Better Singing Voice.

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